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Test taking fun= weekend fun

So yesterday I took 3 online IQ tests for fun, but to be honest I feel like the online ones are total crap because there are such large discrepancies when it comes to the score. I took 3 not only because I’m kind of getting my test addiction again, but also so I can average the scores to find something that is closer to the “true” value. 

Test 1:

43 questions: 119

Test 2:

30 questions: 135 (with this you can already see the huge discrepancy)

Test 3:

57 questions: 124

When you average the scores you end up with 126, but I thought that the tests with more questions should be more accurate than ones with less, so I took the number of questions into consideration when trying to calculate the “true” value. So I added up all of the questions:


Then I divided the number of questions by the total number to find what the part of the total it is:

43/130= 0.33077

30/130= 0.23076

57/130= 0.43864

Then I multiplied these values to the IQ score I got from the corresponding test, and added all of the products up. (This is essentially the same method that scientists use to find the atomic mass of an element.)

0.33077*119+0.23076*135+0.43864*124= 125

Then, for fun, and to utilize some things I’ve learned in Stats, I found the z-score. mean=100 standard deviation=15

(126-100)/15= 1.667

Then I used normalcdf(-1*10^99,1.667,0,1) to find where I am in relation to the rest of society and found that I’m in the (around, slightly over) 95th percentile. 

Just for the hell of it I found the percent error of the average of the scores, assuming that the value 125 is the “true” value.

(126-125)*100/125= 0.8%

So surprisingly the average was pretty damn accurate. So much so that you could essentially consider it the true value. To be honest I was pretty disappointed with the result because I wanted to be more than 2 z scores away from the mean, so I could have an unusually high IQ :(. I mean I only needed to have 6 more IQ points to fall into that category. Hahahaha but all in all, this was a pretty fun way to spend my weekend. I think I spent around an hour and 7 mins taking tests and making calculations. Fun stuff…

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I want a regular family sitcom with cheap jokes and laughing tracks, which gradually get more and more disturbing until it turns to a psychological horror film with the laughing tracks still going


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these girls from theatre just left their bags near me I think they want me to look after them I feel so much responsibility for these bags what if they never come back and i have to to raise these bags on my own don’t know if I can support these bags im only 16 why is this happening to me

they came back its ok

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